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                Outsourcing topic
      • Project  outsourcing
      • cost control
      • intellectual properties protection
               Customer Service

      Address:Room.619,Building 1,No.333,JinGang Road, Shanghai, China


          PCB Design Technology

          PCB  EMC Design

         Relation of  Copper  Foil Thickness Line width Current

         PCB  ESD  Design

         PCB  Check  List

         PCB Power  Design

         PSPICE  Uses

         PCB  Impedance  Control

         PCB  Quality  Control

        My position Homepage
          Shanghai YanQing Electronics Technology Co. ,Ltd, as a Professional PCB design and service provider,  combining our strategic partners, experienced project management team, and the best designers, specializes in providing complete solutions for your PCB needs ;
          Our services include schematic design, PCB Layout, Signal integrity analysis, EMC consultation, templet  manufacture&weld and techno-support.
          Our goal is to provide our clients high value by Best Quality and Quickest solutions
        YQPCB---PCB design   signal analysis    EMC design

                     Our services
      High speed, High density PCB Design
      signal integrity analysis
      EMC Consultation
      PCB layout engineers training
      Library management
      PCB  templet  manufacture, weld
      DFM/DFT Integration
      "Routing Only" services available

                    Our team
                              All of our engineers have 6+ years' experience
      Partner with global industrial leaders, first class technical and   
      ment platform employed
                    Carried on trains by foreign expert for a long time
                    Maintains communion with the internal expert
      Experts at complex, dense, PCB design.
                    Software--Cadence/allegro, PADS, Protel

                    Design capability

      High speed signal10G CML  GE/FE  SATA   LVDS... Max  design layers 30 layers                   
      Max connections25939 Max PIN count35851
      Min via8MIL(4MIL laser holes) Max BGABGA1932_45x45
      Min BGA PIN spacing0.5mm Min line spacing4MIL
      Min line width3.5MIL Max board area508mm*432mm
        YQPCB-----PCB layout training    EMC training   SI training

                  Services and Products
        Data communication seriesVOIP,xDSL, Ethernet switchboard, cut-in server
        Optical network products SDH, DWDM, METRO
        Wireless products GSM/GPRS, CDMA, WCDMA, base facilities
        Multi-media products video telephone, meeting TV,VOD
        Computer products services MB, Notebook MB ,PC MB etc...
      ,Digital Camera etc...
        Control plate Various
      series of control plate
        Various series of IC test


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